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Static Public Attributes

int OFF = 0
 Disable log.
int SEVERE = 1
 Severe log level.
int WARNING = 2
 Warning log level.
int INFO = 3
 Info log level.
int CONFIG = 4
 Config log level.
int FINE = 5
 Fine log level.
int DEBUG = 6
 Debug log level.

Detailed Description

Log level enumeration.

Log level priority order is as follows, from minimum to maximum log information: Off (log is disabled), Severe, Warning, Info, Config, Fine, Debug.

Sparsity Technologies

Member Data Documentation

int sparksee.LogLevel.SEVERE = 1 [static]

Severe log level.

This is the lower log level, just errors are shown.

int sparksee.LogLevel.WARNING = 2 [static]

Warning log level.

Errors and warnings are shown.

int sparksee.LogLevel.INFO = 3 [static]

Info log level.

Errors, warnings and information messages are shown.

int sparksee.LogLevel.CONFIG = 4 [static]

Config log level.

Errors, warnings, information messages and configuration details of the different components are shown.

int sparksee.LogLevel.FINE = 5 [static]

Fine log level.

This is the higher and finest public log level, everything is dumped to the log.

int sparksee.LogLevel.DEBUG = 6 [static]

Debug log level.

This is for Sparksee development purposes and just works with debug versions of the library.

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