SparkseeNet  5.1.0
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com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.ResultSetListIterator Class Reference

ResultSetList iterator class. More...

Public Member Functions

bool HasNext ()
 Gets if there are more elements. More...
com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.ResultSet Next ()
 Moves to the next element. More...

Detailed Description

ResultSetList iterator class.

Iterator to traverse all the values into a ResultSetList instance.

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Member Function Documentation

bool com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.ResultSetListIterator.HasNext ( )

Gets if there are more elements.

TRUE if there are more elements, FALSE otherwise.
com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.ResultSet com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.ResultSetListIterator.Next ( )

Moves to the next element.

The next element.