Package com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb

Class Summary
Attribute Attribute data class.
AttributeList Sparksee attribute identifier list.
AttributeListIterator AttributeList iterator class.
AttributeStatistics Attribute statistics class.
BooleanList Boolean list.
BooleanListIterator BooleanList iterator class.
Database Database class.
DatabaseStatistics Database statistics.
DefaultExport Default implementation for ExportManager class.
EdgeData Edge data class.
EdgeExport Stores edge exporting values.
ExportManager Defines how to export a graph to an external format.
Graph Graph class.
GraphExport Stores the graph exporting values.
Int32List Sparksee 32-bit signed integer list.
Int32ListIterator Int32List iterator class.
NodeExport Stores the node exporting values.
Objects Object identifier set class.
ObjectsIterator ObjectsIterator class.
OIDList Sparksee object identifier list.
OIDListIterator OIDList iterator class.
Platform Platform class.
PlatformStatistics Platform data and statistics.
Session Session class.
Sparksee Sparksee class.
SparkseeConfig Sparksee configuration class.
SparkseeProperties Sparksee properties file.
StringList String list.
StringListIterator StringList iterator class.
TextStream TextStream class.
Type Type data class.
TypeList Sparksee type identifier list.
TypeListIterator TypeList iterator class.
Value Value class.
Values Value set class.
ValuesIterator Values iterator class.

Enum Summary
AttributeKind Attribute kind enumeration.
Condition Condition operators enumeration.
DataType Data type (domain) enumeration.
EdgesDirection Edges direction enumeration.
ExportType Export type.
LogLevel Log level enumeration.
NodeShape Node shape.
ObjectType Object type enumeration.
Order Order enumeration.