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Export type. More...

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Static Public Attributes

int GRAPHVIZ = 0
 Export to Graphviz format.
int GRAPHML = 1
 Export to GraphML format.
int YGRAPHML = 2
 Export to YGRAPHML format.

Detailed Description

Export type.

Sparsity Technologies

Member Data Documentation

int sparksee.ExportType.GRAPHVIZ = 0 [static]

Export to Graphviz format.

Graphviz home page:

int sparksee.ExportType.GRAPHML = 1 [static]

Export to GraphML format.

GraphML home page:

int sparksee.ExportType.YGRAPHML = 2 [static]

Export to YGRAPHML format.

It is an GraphML format extended with a set of yWorks ("") extensions. Thus, it allows for the visualization of the exported graph with the public yEd visualization tool ("").

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