SparkseeNet  5.0.0
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com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.PlatformStatistics Class Reference

Platform data and statistics. More...

Public Member Functions

long GetRealTime ()
 Gets time in microseconds (since epoch). More...
long GetAvailableMem ()
 Gets avialable (free) memory size in Bytes. More...
long GetTotalMem ()
 Gets physical memory size in Bytes. More...
long GetSystemTime ()
 Gets CPU system time. More...
long GetUserTime ()
 Gets CPU user time. More...
int GetNumCPUs ()
 Gets the number of CPUs. More...
 PlatformStatistics ()
 Creates a new instance setting all values to 0.

Detailed Description

Platform data and statistics.

Sparsity Technologies

Member Function Documentation

long com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.PlatformStatistics.GetAvailableMem ( )

Gets avialable (free) memory size in Bytes.

Avialable (free) memory size in Bytes.
int com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.PlatformStatistics.GetNumCPUs ( )

Gets the number of CPUs.

The number of CPUs.
long com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.PlatformStatistics.GetRealTime ( )

Gets time in microseconds (since epoch).

Time in microseconds (since epoch).
long com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.PlatformStatistics.GetSystemTime ( )

Gets CPU system time.

CPU system time.
long com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.PlatformStatistics.GetTotalMem ( )

Gets physical memory size in Bytes.

Physical memory size in Bytes.
long com.sparsity.sparksee.gdb.PlatformStatistics.GetUserTime ( )

Gets CPU user time.

CPU user time.