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virtual ~Database ()
const std::wstring & GetAlias () const
 Gets the alias of the Database.
const std::wstring & GetPath () const
 Gets the path of the Database.
SessionNewSession ()
 Creates a new Session.
void GetStatistics (DatabaseStatistics &stats)
 Gets Database statistics.


class Dex
class Graph

Detailed Description

Database class.

All the data of the Database is stored into a persistent file which just can be created or open through a Dex instance.

Also, all the manipulation of a Database must be done by means of a Session which can be initiated from a Database instance.

Multiple Databases do not share the memory, that is there is no negotiation among them. In those cases, memory must be prefixed for each Database. To do that, use the DEXConfig.

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Member Function Documentation

const std::wstring& Database::GetAlias (  )  const [inline]

Gets the alias of the Database.

The alias of the Database.

const std::wstring& Database::GetPath (  )  const [inline]

Gets the path of the Database.

The path of the Database.

void Database::GetStatistics ( DatabaseStatistics stats  ) 

Gets Database statistics.

stats [out] The DatabaseStatistics instance.

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