Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AppErrorApplication error class
AttributeAttribute data class
AttributeListDex attribute identifier list
AttributeListIteratorAttributeList iterator class
AttributeStatisticsAttribute statistics class
BooleanListBoolean list
BooleanListIteratorBooleanList iterator class
ConnectedComponentsConnectedComponents class
ConnectivityConnectivity class
ContextContext class
CSVReaderCSVReader interface
CSVWriterCSVWriter interface
DatabaseDatabase class
DatabaseStatisticsDatabase statistics
DefaultExportDefault implementation for ExportManager class
DexDex class
DexConfigDex configuration class
DexPropertiesDex properties file
EdgeDataEdge data class
EdgeExportStores edge exporting values
EdgeTypeExporterEdgeTypeExporter class
EdgeTypeLoaderEdgeTypeLoader class
ErrorError class
ExceptionException class
ExportManagerDefines how to export a graph to an external format
FileNotFoundExceptionFile not found exception class
GraphGraph class
GraphExportStores the graph exporting values
Handler< T >Handles a reference
Int32ListDex 32-bit signed integer list
Int32ListIteratorInt32List iterator class
IOErrorIO error class
IOExceptionIO exception class
LicenseErrorLicense error class
NodeExportStores the node exporting values
NodeTypeExporterNodeTypeExporter class
NodeTypeLoaderNodeTypeLoader class
NoSuchElementExceptionNo such element exception class
ObjectsObject identifier set class
ObjectsIteratorObjectsIterator class
OIDListDex object identifier list
OIDListIteratorOIDList iterator class
PlatformPlatform class
PlatformStatisticsPlatform data and statistics
RowReaderRowReader interface
RowWriterRowWriter interface
SessionSession class
ShortestPathShortestPath class
SinglePairShortestPathSinglePairShortestPath class
SinglePairShortestPathBFSSinglePairShortestPathBFS class
SinglePairShortestPathDijkstraSinglePairShortestPathDijkstra class
SQLExceptionSQL exception class
StringListString list
StringListIteratorStringList iterator class
StrongConnectivityStrongConnectivity class
StrongConnectivityGabowThis class can be used to solve the problem of finding strongly connected components in a directed graph
SystemErrorSystem error class
TextStreamTextStream class
TraversalTraversal class
TraversalBFSBreadth-First Search implementation of Traversal
TraversalDFSDepth-First Search (DFS) implementation of Traversal
TypeType data class
TypeExporterBase TypeExporter class
TypeExporterEventProvides information about the progress of an TypeExproter instance
TypeExporterListenerInterface to be implemented to receive TypeExporterEvent events from a TypeExporter
TypeListDex type identifier list
TypeListIteratorTypeList iterator class
TypeLoaderBase TypeLoader class
TypeLoaderEventProvides information about the progress of a TypeLoader instance
TypeLoaderListenerInterface to be implemented to receive TypeLoaderEvent events from a TypeLoader
UnsupportedOperationErrorUnsupported operation error class
ValueValue class
ValuesValue set class
ValuesIteratorValues iterator class
WeakConnectivityWeakConnectivity class
WeakConnectivityDFSWeakConnectivityDFS class
WrongArgumentErrorWrong argument error class

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