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virtual void Write (dex::gdb::StringList &row)=0 throw (dex::gdb::IOException, dex::gdb::Error)
 Writes the next row.
virtual void Close ()=0 throw (dex::gdb::IOException, dex::gdb::Error)
 Closes the writer.
virtual ~RowWriter ()

Protected Member Functions

 RowWriter ()
 Empty constructor.

Detailed Description

RowWriter interface.

Common interface for those writers which dump the data from an string array.

It works as follows: perform as many write operations as necessary and call close once at the end. Once close is called no more write operations can be executed.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RowWriter::RowWriter (  )  [inline, protected]

Empty constructor.

Protected because no one should instantiate a RowWriter. Just inherited classes can use this empty constructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void RowWriter::Write ( dex::gdb::StringList &  row  )  throw (dex::gdb::IOException, dex::gdb::Error) [pure virtual]

Writes the next row.

row [in] Row of data.
IOException If bad things happen during the write.

Implemented in CSVWriter.

virtual void RowWriter::Close (  )  throw (dex::gdb::IOException, dex::gdb::Error) [pure virtual]

Closes the writer.

IOException If the close fails.

Implemented in CSVWriter.

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