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STSRowWriter Class Reference

RowWriter interface. More...

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Instance Methods

(void) - write:
 Writes the next row.
(void) - close
 Closes the writer.

Detailed Description

RowWriter interface.

Common interface for those writers which dump the data from an string array.

It works as follows: perform as many write operations as necessary and call close once at the end. Once close is called no more write operations can be executed.

Check out the 'Data export' section in the SPARKSEE User Manual for more details on this.

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Method Documentation

- (void) close

Closes the writer.

System.IO.IOExceptionIf the close fails.

Implemented in STSCSVWriter.

- (void) write: (STSStringList *)  row

Writes the next row.

row[in] Row of data.
System.IO.IOExceptionIf bad things happen during the write.

Implemented in STSCSVWriter.

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