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STSQuery Class Reference

Query class. More...

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Instance Methods

(STSResultSet *) - execute:
 Executes the given statement.
(STSQueryStream *) - setStream:handler:
 Sets a query stream handler.
(void) - setDynamic:value:
 Sets the value for a dynamic paramater.
(void) - close
 Closes the Query instance.
(BOOL) - isClosed
 Check if the Query instance is closed.

Detailed Description

Query class.

Sparsity Technologies

Method Documentation

- (STSResultSet*) execute: (NSString *)  stmt

Executes the given statement.

stmt[in] Query statement.
A ResultSet instance with the contents of the result of the query.
- (void) setDynamic: (NSString *)  name
value: (STSValue *)  value 

Sets the value for a dynamic paramater.

name[in] Parameter name
value[in] Parameter value
- (STSQueryStream*) setStream: (NSString *)  stream
handler: (STSQueryStream *)  handler 

Sets a query stream handler.

Query streams handlers are created and destroyed by the caller.

stream[in] The stream name
handler[in] Query stream handler
The previous handler, or NULL if it does not exists

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