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Unsupported operation error class. More...

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Public Member Functions

 UnsupportedOperationError ()
 Creates a new instance.
 UnsupportedOperationError (const std::string &mess)
 Creates a new instance.
virtual ~UnsupportedOperationError ()
const std::string & Message () const
 Gets the message of the exception.
void SetMessage (const std::string &mess)
 Sets the message of the exception.

Static Public Member Functions

static Error NewError (int32_t coreErrorCode)
 Creates a new Error instance from a sparksee_core error code.

Protected Attributes

std::string message
 Message of the exception.

Detailed Description

Unsupported operation error class.

Sparsity Technologies http://www.sparsity-technologies.com

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UnsupportedOperationError::UnsupportedOperationError ( const std::string &  mess  ) 

Creates a new instance.

mess [in] Message of the exception.

Member Function Documentation

static Error Error::NewError ( int32_t  coreErrorCode  )  [static, inherited]

Creates a new Error instance from a sparksee_core error code.

coreErrorCode [in] Sparkseecore error code.
Depending on the given sparksee_core error, this may return an Error instance or an specific Error subclass instance.

const std::string& Exception::Message (  )  const [inherited]

Gets the message of the exception.

It should be called GetMessage but this is not possible because of a macro defined in Windows.

The message of the exception.

void Exception::SetMessage ( const std::string &  mess  )  [inherited]

Sets the message of the exception.

mess [in] Message.

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