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virtual ~Query ()
ResultSetExecute (const std::wstring &stmt)
 Executes the given statement.
QueryStreamSetStream (const std::wstring &stream, QueryStream *handler)
 Sets a query stream handler.
void SetDynamic (const std::wstring &name, Value &value)
 Sets the value for a dynamic paramater.


class Session
class QueryContext

Detailed Description

Query class.

Sparsity Technologies http://www.sparsity-technologies.com

Member Function Documentation

ResultSet* Query::Execute ( const std::wstring &  stmt  ) 

Executes the given statement.

stmt [in] Query statement.
A ResultSet instance with the contents of the result of the query.

QueryStream* Query::SetStream ( const std::wstring &  stream,
QueryStream handler 

Sets a query stream handler.

Query streams handlers are created and destroyed by the caller.

stream [in] The stream name
handler [in] Query stream handler
The previous handler, or NULL if it does not exists

void Query::SetDynamic ( const std::wstring &  name,
Value value 

Sets the value for a dynamic paramater.

name [in] Parameter name
value [in] Parameter value

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