DAMA-UPC releases DEX 3.0

DAMA-UPC announced the public availability of DEX release 3.0

DEX is a high-performance graph database that allows an efficient storage and management of very large graphs.

Implemented as a Java library for persistent graph-like data manipulation and query system, it fulfills the conditions of a graph database model since (i) its data representation is in the form of a large graph, (ii) the query operations are based on graph operations or extensions to graph operations, (iii) query results are also in the form of new graphs, and (iv) there are constraints based on node and edge types, explicit and implicit relationships, and attribute domains.

New release includes:

  • Added Graph algorithms such as shortest path, connectivity and traversal
  • Define export for node and edge types, even virtual edge types
  • Added support for BETWEEN operation to select operations
  • Native library is included into jar library and automatically loaded from there
  • Added support for regular expressions at select operations
  • Iterator optimization starting at a position
  • Added degree statistics modul to utils package
  • Added support for large char objects
  • Added support for indexed or not indexed attributes
  • Added support for unique attributes
  • Added support for stream append operations
  • Completed implementation of removeType
  • Updated scripting syntax
  • Added support for materialized neighbors for materialized edges
  • Added Objects sample method
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