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Sparksee, the high performance graph database

Graph technologies are being used in many situations where it is necessary to analyze large amounts of highly linked data and high performance is required.  In many of those cases it is necessary to process data that will provide an … Continue reading

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BMAT uses DEX matching millions of music records

BMAT trusts Sparsity Technologies solutions to improve its matching engine so as to be able to identify, with the highest quality, all the music available worldwide. BMAT listens, analyzes and processes more than 2000 radio and television broadcasters from around … Continue reading

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Graph Database Use Case: SNA (Social Network Analysis)

In this second release of the series of the use cases, we are looking through one of the most interesting scenarios for graph databases: Social Network Analysis (SNA). DEX highest-performance with huge volumes of processed data, its flexibility and the … Continue reading

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How to use DEX algorithm package

The latest version of DEX includes the helpful algorithm package that give more high-level operations to the API. Here you can find the list of algorithms explained including examples of use for the Java and .NET APIs: Traversals algorithms To … Continue reading

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DEX Graph Database version 4.2 goes .NET

The possibilities of native .NET programming now for the highest performance graph database. Now you can have all the scalability and performance of DEX graph database with a dedicated Microsoft .NET API in your secure and robust professional MS environment. … Continue reading

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DAMA-UPC project RECOMANA using DEX winner of BDigital congress prizes

We would like to congratulate DAMA-UPC that has just been awarded with the Bdgital congress prize in the category of Research institutes and Universities. RECOMANA* uses the potential of graph databases with the high-performance and billions of objects storage offered … Continue reading

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NEW Dex technical support area

DEX has a new collaborative support area to share doubts, suggestions or any request about DEX. We encourage your participation in the new online forum callled DEX technical support area. We would like the DEX technical support area to be … Continue reading

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DEX presentation at the GDM 2011

Sergio Gómez from Sparsity Technologies presented DEX last Saturday 16th of April at the GDM 2011 in Hannover. The workshop included research and industrial sessions. DEX presentation includes new interesting details about the internal technology and architecture of the DEX … Continue reading

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Twitter loaded into DEX: the 4.5 billion graph

We would like to share one of the latest use cases we have recently performed at Sparsity Technologies with DEX. We have created a DEX graph loading all tweets made from June to December 2009, with a total of more … Continue reading

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DEX 4.1 new release

Sparsity Technologies is proud to announce the new release 4.1 of DEX.  The new version of DEX brings extended compatibility with common operating systems, to former versions of the product. In addition to DEX 4.0, new subversion includes compatibility with … Continue reading

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