Sparsity involved in IT2Rail project: a step towards a new seamless multimodal travel experience


The IT2Rail -“Information Technologies for Shift2Rail” project is a first step towards the long term IP4 -“IT Solutions for Attractive Railway Services”, which aims at providing a new seamless travel experience, giving access to a complete multimodal travel offer which connects the first and last mile to long distance journeys.

The project will achieve its objectives by taking into account this concept: The traveller is placed at the heart of the solutions, accessing multimodal services like shopping, ticketing and tracking while using an open published framework providing full interoperability.

The following benefits will raise from IT2Rail:

  • Impact on the economics travel services providers escosystem: By supporting full semantic interoperability of interchangeable and loosely coupled tools, data and services, within a distributed ‘web of transportation things’, multiple concurrent implementations will be developed independently by specialist suppliers and co-exist competitively.
  • On time to market for innovations: By allowing an early discovery of potential technological, organisational or business process issues and reducing the risks of expensive redesign and rework.
  • Enrich passenger experience: By having an integrated use case for travellers, services retailers and transport operators.

Sparsity will be participating in the Interoperability Framework for its Semantic Query & Aggregation Engine, and with specially more stress on the Business Analytics Framework (BAF). The BAF is focused on leveraging social, mobile, structured and unstructured data to obtain valuable, actionable insights that allows rail operators, product/service providers, Traveller/Transport Enterprises to make better decisions in order to increase quality of service and revenues, to better adapt their level of service to the passengers demand and to optimise their operations in order to bring and retain more people on the train-urban mobility.

Keep informed about the project here: and via the hashtag #it2rail from Twitter.

Stay tuned for our next post about IT2Rail with more details about the Business Analytics Framework and our work.

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