Sparksee’s seminar at BarcelonaTech

Sparsity will teach an introductory course to Sparksee for students at BarcelonaTech. The course is part of the Seminari d’empresa 2015 initiative that pretends to be a hub between IT companies and the university students so they can learn about the latest industry advances.

Sparksee’s course will be divided in three days of about 3 hours each part:

– Part 1: Introduction to Graph Databases & to Sparksee and why we claim the high performance for large volume of data. The first part of the seminar will include some interesting graph database use cases like root cause analysis or enterprise staff analysis.

– Part 2 : Hands-on tutorial that will cover the basics of Sparksee and the first graph operations. Students will learn how to create their first Sparksee graph database, add some data and work with its first low level operations.

– Part 3: Second part of the hands-on tutorial, where the students will face advanced queries such as page rank or finding communities, which will make visible the strengths of graph databases and how to take advantage of their characteristics to create higher performance solutions.

Sparsity is glad to be part of this BarcelonaTech initiative again for this 2015 edition to make graph databases more known among the University students.

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