Sparksee, the high performance graph database


Graph technologies are being used in many situations where it is necessary to analyze large amounts of highly linked data and high performance is required.  In many of those cases it is necessary to process data that will provide an important input for specific added value business queries at high performance levels.

Questions like: What are the communities in a Social Network which may be interested in my service? Do I have any restaurant around my current location that I would like? Could you show me the shortest way to get there?  Who are the most influential people in a scientific topic? Those queries come from very different environments like Social Networks, fleet routing through map analysis, bibliographic networks, etc.

The datasets emerging from those environments can be represented as graphs, and graph management solutions provide advantageous solutions for them. In particular, Sparksee provides the best compromise between high performance, capacity and small footprint.

Sparksee’s high performance graph management engine is designed to have a small software footprint and high data compression, answering queries dealing with billions of objects in off-the-shelve computing device in sub-seconds. Sparksee is powered by a patented research-based technology that makes an intensive use of bitmaps allowing for the use of simple logic operations and high data locality to solve graph analytics.

Sparksee 5 high performance graph database is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android, with native APIs in Java, .Net (C#), C++ and Python.

Do you want to try out Sparksee for your specific use case? Do you think that other database management solutions are not providing enough performance or capacity for your data? Contact us and we’ll help you  to make the most of your data.


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