Sparksee 5.2 new release!

Sparksee 5.2 new features

We are proud to announce the release of Sparksee 5.2 today! Download your trial on our website or request a license for free.

New version includes the following features:

  • The fastest community detection algorithm: We have included the SCD algorithm which has been proven by the state-of-the-art to be the fastest & more precise community algorithm for unweighted graphs. It is now available as part of our graph algorithm package. Don’t forget to check our documentation to start using it!
  • Concurrency performance boost in read transactions: Changes in our internal structures allowing more concurrency at read level & reorganized locks to decrease its performance penalty.
  • Faster shortest path algorithm: For the BFS Shortest Path we have upgraded the mechanics of the algorithm to explore less nodes while improving its performance.
  • Added support for 64 bits processors on Android: We now support the 64bit architecture for Android development. Sparksee is the only available graph database for Android, take this advantage to leverage your mobile apps!

As always bug fixing and further improvement of the documentation has been implemented as well with the newest version, we would like to thank the feedback from our users!

Download Sparksee 5.2

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