Sparksee 5.1 new release!


We are proud to announce today the official release of Sparksee 5.1.

During this half of year we have been working in providing a group of exciting features for the new version that we hope you’ll find interesting:


  • A brand new Objective-C API for MacOS and iOS. Although we already offered a C++ API to work with Objective-C based projects, some of you noticed that it would be much better to directly be able to work with a Objective-C interface. In addition this new API would allow you to work with Swift projects.
  • Rollback functionality in our transactions. We have included the rollback functionality which brings us full ACID compliance to our database.
  • Enhanced compatibility with Blueprints. Blueprints is analogous to the JDBC, but for graph databases, providing a common set of interfaces to allow developers to plug-and-play their graph database backend. We have implemented the following elements in order to be fully compatible with the complete Tinkerpop stack:
    • Implementation of the full TransactionalGraph, thanks to our newer rollback functionality we are providing now this implementation and thus supporting Blueprints transactions.
    • Attribute scope to all nodes or to all edges. We are providing a new scope for our attributes allowing to have the same attribute type for all the nodes in the graph (or analogously to all edges). Sparksee now has the following scopes for attributes:
        • Attribute for a certain node or edge type (the most common)
        • Attribute for all nodes or all edges
        • Global attributes
    • Allow to begin transactions directly as write transactions. Sparksee by default (using a simple begin) starts transactions as read transactions and it does not change their state until an update is detected, if you need to avoid a “lost update” you can now use “begin update”.
  • Dynamic size adapting cache. Specially in mobile devices it may be relevant to be able to dynamically change the maximum size dedicated to the cache because there are certain situations where the OS would require the application to release memory in order to give it to another application, if your app fails to release it the process can be stopped. Sparksee nows offers several configuration methods to handle this dynamically.
  • Compatibility with Visual Studio 2013 for .Net and C++ developers, so you can work with the latest programming environment.
  • Improved documentation for Sparksee mobile. Included in the User Manual you will now find specifics about the installation and configuration of Sparksee for the iOS and Android most common development frameworks.

You can right now start taking advantage of all the new features downloading the last version for free. Sparksee 5.1 has retro compatibility, therefore if you are already developing with Sparksee 5.0 the only requirement is to switch one library for the other.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information in any of the new features and please consider registering for one of our license programs, we offer development programs for free during all the process to selected companies!

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