SNTalent selects Sparsity Technologies as the engine for its Next Generation recruiting services

SNTalent leverages Sparsity Technologies solutions to scale recruiting to hundreds of millions of CVs and job offers.

SNTalent and Sparsity Technologies have entered into an agreement whereby SNTalent will use Sparsity solutions and development platform to provide a world-class recruiting marketplace capable of scaling to 10’s of millions of CVs and job offers.

SNTalent has always been a pioneer in using technology as a key differentiator in the recruiting space, with solutions capable of searching candidates in middle management, technical and senior professionals, and matching these with open reqs. SNTalent now wants to scale massively to 10’s of millions of CVs on a global basis and has been looking for the ideal Big Data solution to support its core business.

Sparsity Technologies offers Extreme Data solutions. Sparsity’s Graph Databases can manage and analyze billions of data points in real-time, providing an unprecedented level of performance as demonstrated in the best graph benchmarks in the Industry*.

SNTalent has defined a very strong methodology for managing the lifecycle of job fulfilling. Key to this methodology is the shortlisting process, whereby a list of millions of CVs is dynamically reduced to the best 10 or 20 candidates based on customer specific criteria, SNTalent’s recruiting know-how, and relationship data. Allowing 1000’s of concurrent shortlistings in near real-time on 10’s of millions of CVs is clearly what positions SNTalent as the preferred marketplace and platform for recruiting globally.

Sparsity’s solutions are the only ones capable of this level of performance on commodity hardware. Traditional solutions, even modern Big Data solutions could just not cope with the complexity involved to support this level of analysis in near real-time, especially considering feedback loops from previous customer engagements, and relationships between candidates, sponsors and customers – typical requirements in the area of “social analysis”.

Sparsity Technologies is proud to have been selected by SNTalent as the provider of its Big Data solution.

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About SNTalent
SNTalent is a B2B company with headquarters in Spain, Germany and Brazil. We combine search technology in social media with a Marketplace of Recruitment 2.0 certified consultants, experts in attracting and selecting middle management, technical and senior professionals.

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