NEW Bibex demo

We would like to announce the release of a complete free demo for the Bibex social network query.

Click here to launch Bibex demo

Bibex resolves multiples queries that help retrieving very relevant information for researchers in very short responding times. Bibex uses DEX graph database to resolve questions like “who is the most important authority in a certain subject?” in a few seconds. Moreover as Bibex results are shown in a network it is easy to jump between articles, keywords and authors while navigating the answer. Read more information about Bibex here .

Bibex demo is able to resolve the “Social network” query available in Bibex.

You will be able to search for the social network of any author*, retrieve their curriculum, relationships & statistics. In addition you can jump to the publication source of each article with just one click. Check how Bibex resolves this query in our Bibex demo here.

Bibex social network has an intuitive web interface. Once you click on this link, a search box will be shown. There you can search for any author name you think of*. For instance, in the following example we search for Tim Berners-Lee. Search box has an autocomplete facility to help you discern faster the exact author you are trying to search.

Once the search is performed, if there’s only one possible answer to your query the author curriculum and its social network are shown right away. If there are multiple answers a list of possible authors appear on the left in alphabetical order with the first author social network already loaded in the right side of the screen.

In that second case you must click on the name you were actually searching for to load the social network of the author.

Authors’ curriculum on the left contains a list of all their publications. They can be sorted by date, alphabetically or you can search inside the list as well. Selecting a publication and clicking in the “Go to URL” icon shown in the following picture jumps you to the original source of the publication.

Authors’ collaborations on the left contain a list of all the authors that have co-written some publication. It is interesting to sort this list by number of collaborations allowing discerning which have most strong relationships and therefore may be also of your interest.

Finally on the bottom of this left side there’s a statistic of the productivity of the author through time.

Another important part of the results are shown in the right side of the screen. The social network of the author can be navigated; discovering all the relationships.

Double clicking on another author’s name jumps you to that author information and social network. In addition, clicking two authors’ edge reveals a list of the publications written collaboratively by both authors.

Hope you enjoy Bibex, feel free to play and experience the smoothness and quickness of answer.

*Bibex demo searches in DBLP bibliographic database. The DBLP used for Bibex has an amount of 999,053 authors and 2,740,244 articles.

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