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** Note: This is a curated article published first at Quora by Sparsity’s CEO Mr. Larriba Pey **

The content stored in Mobile Devices (MD) grows as the users evolve in their tastes, the trends in applications change and the needs for each work environment grow. This way, the users of MDs keep increasing the amount of data and metadata generated as well as the Apps installed in their device. Also, the users keep growing their interaction with applications like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, increasing the amount of own data managed by third parties.

Time and practice will show that Mobile Graph Databases (M-GDBs) will be the perfect match to manage and query all those datasets for two reasons: the management of a single data repository will provide added-value linked data and the querying capabilities will be rocketed with M-GDBs.

Added value linked data. With M-GDBs, one single data management system will allow all the mobile Apps accessing a significant variety of data, turning this into added value linked data for the user including: friends, topics, metadata for image and video content, own data stored by third party applications, applications’ usage, GPS localisation, weather forecasts, etc.

For instance, using the M-GDB to automatically disambiguate the phone and e-mail contacts using the calls performed and the mails sent and received will provide a single source of increased-value Social Data. Going further, M-GDBs will also allow automatically linking the MD contacts with the data that can be obtained through the Social Network APIs from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and others.

Once linked, it will be possible to enrich those Social data with metadata about the photos taken with the MD camera, the GPS information about current location or the weather information provided by third party public APIs.

Rocketing the querying capabilities. In addition to the capabilities of Relational DBs, M-GDBs will further allow graph oriented queries providing added value features.

Queries like the following will be easy to implement providing significant added value information: Among my closest contacts (friends or FOAFs), who have similar tastes than I so that I can send them the last photo taken with my MD? Is there a friend or a FOAF who lives in the place I am visiting and I could call or send a mail? Can I have attractions recommended using my friends or FOAFs social review information?

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If you are interested in mobile technology regarding big data and/or in-device analytics stay tuned for our Twitter next week, we are going to be at the 2015 edition of the international MWC (Mobile World Congress) that will be held at Barcelona sharing the latest developments.

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