Learning high-performance graph database management with Sparksee at the NoSQL matters Training Session

On Friday 21st of November from 9h to 13h Sparsity will host a Training Session as part of the NoSQL matters events.

Skilled trainers from Sparksee will explain to the attendees how to take advantage of the graph learning about the most common queries that are best suited to be answered using a graph. The training will take Twitter model and dataset to build the graph and then will cover queries to the resulting graph such as discovering how two twitter users are connected.


Attendees will be given a Netbeans project with Sparksee Java and a complete set of exercises to fill in the blanks. Also they will be gifted with a free development license to build graphs up to 1B objects and unlimited sessions during 6 months.

Looking forward to meet you at the NoSQL matters Training Session!

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