IoT Solutions World Congress 2017, we are present!

Come and visit us at the C391 booth, room 5, of the Fira of Barcelona Gran Via.

The most distruptive IoT solutions are meeting in Barcelona from the 3rd to the 5th of October and we can’t be more excited to attend for the second time this event surrounded by the most important and innovative companies in the field.

Sparsity will be present with Cigo!, currently under a FrontierCities2 FI-TECH acceleration program, to share our knowledge in smart mobility and open data exploitation.  Visit us to learn more GO! Fleet, a unique routing platform designed around the needs generated by the last mile delivery needs.

Our CEO, Mr. Josep Lluis Larriba Pey, will have a talk on the 5th, from 12.40 am at the CT11 (room 4), together with Pedro Herruzo, the responsible for Smart City Navigation concept at SEAT.

The talk called “Increased Mobility with Real time data” that’s part of the Connected Transport topic of the IOT congress will discuss which type of mobility data will benefit the city to increase the mobility efficiency. Sparsity has already developed a collaboration with SEAT for a smart navigation system that takes account the events happening in real time in the streets, from football games & concerts to pollution, and generates ad-hoc routes to avoid these areas.

An appropriate open data management seems to be crucial to improve the output of a routing generation process and we are now just at the beginning this journey: working to develop a smart and connected ecosystem between people and the data they generate and can at the same time benefit them daily.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get inspired from the ultimate technology application and to become aware of how Internet of Things solutions are reshaping our lives and business models.

We warmly invite you at the talk and we hope to see you at our stand!!

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