Graph Databases power in-device analytical appplications: Sparksee Mobile, the first graph database available for iOS and Android

MobileMobile device data analytics is going to be an important issue in the next few years. Hardware improvements like more efficient batteries, larger memories and more conscious energy consumption will be crucial to allow for complex computations in such devices. Added to that, the analytics capability analytical engines embedded in a mobile device will also allow the users to gather and manage their own private data with analytic objectives at the tip of their fingers.

Graph databases will be important in that area with situations where the mobile device will have to solve different problems like the management of the mobile data, social network analytics, mobile device security, geo-localized medical surveillance and real time geo-localized travel companion services.

Sparksee 5 mobile is an important provider player for mobile analytics applications, being the first graph database for Android and iOS. Sparksee small footprint of less that 50Kbytes* makes it especially attractive for mobile devices along with its high performance capabilities and the compact storage space required. Sparksee is powered by a research-based technology that makes an intensive use of bitmaps allowing for the use of simple logic operations and remarkable data locality to solve graph analytics.

Do you want to  be among the first applications making real use of the device hardware possibilities? Have you considered resolving your analytical operations in the device, storing & querying the information in a graph database instead of having an external server? Let us know what do you think about this new possibilities and which applications do you think will benefit more of having an in-device real time process.

Download Sparksee graph database mobile for free at:


*Size of Sparksee compiled software

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