Graph Database Use Case: SNA (Social Network Analysis)

In this second release of the series of the use cases, we are looking through one of the most interesting scenarios for graph databases: Social Network Analysis (SNA).

DEX highest-performance with huge volumes of processed data, its flexibility and the nature of the graph, makes it the perfect solution for Social Network Analysis.

More info? We have created a new section in DEX site called Scenarios that contains a detailed explanation about the fields where Graph Databases are key, and which we have plenty of experience. We will be adding more, stay tuned!

Do not forget to check the list of features we believe SNA must cover. We welcome your feedback! Please tell us which do you think are SNA requirements and achievements and why graph databases could be a good solution.

If you think SNA is your area, we encourage you to evaluate DEX here, and do not hesitate to contact us at for additional support. Use our knowledge in the SNA field!.

Read also the first release of the Use Case series: Bibliographic exploration

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