What it feels like to be at MWC17 as a small startup

We had the honour to be one of the companies selected by the Catalonian Government to exhibit our technology during the Mobile World Congress 2017 week, and what a week it was!

If we had to describe in one word the sensation we had when we entered Fira Barcelona and saw the immense booths, that word would be pride. We were proud to be amongst titans of the industry such as IBM, Huawei and Intel, but also to be part of the Catalan Delegation -a group of companies selected by the Government to represent the state of the art in tech developed in our country.


We had this incredible chance thanks to ACCIO, the Catalan Government agency for foreign investment and business competitiveness. ACCIO also provided us with the space and tickets for the event. The agency helped us arrange the visit of Mr. Jordi Ballart I Pastor, major of Terrassa, a representative from his government and Mr. Jordi Xena i Ibàñez, president of AMTU, the Association of Municipalities for Mobility and Urban Transportation to take the official kick-off picture of a Smart Mobility Poll that we will be leading in the City of Terrassa.

Right before signing the project.

Right before signing the project.

What we saw at MWC17

Everyone knows that events like this are a great opportunity to keep up to date on the latest trends of the industry but is also the best moment to nibble on some free snacks and get freebies from the exhibitors. As always, we were offering our signature fresh croissants during the morning and Sugus, throughout the whole day!

Sparsity's signature croissants!

Sparsity’s signature croissants!

We won’t be mentioning big enterprises like Huawei or Intel because they play in totally different leagues. However, we would like to make a shoutout from here to other companies that were spot on with their freebies and GoPro was one of them. Because of them we had some of our team members signing-up for the daily raffle and jumping like crazy to catch a tee shirt every single day of the congress.  Kompyte, our stand neighbours, were giving away wine and serrano ham and the team from GumsUp had a beautiful ball chewing gum dispenser. Nevertheless, if we had to give an award for ‘The Coolest Gadget’ the prize would go to our colleagues from Versa Design who built and amazing Tetris console from scratch. Another special mention needs to go for SimilarWeb for the amazing Augmented Reality climbing wall they brought in! Check the GIFs below!

AR climbing? Why not!

Addicted to Versa’s console!

Making contacts at MWC17

We want to be honest here and say that, as a small company you need to work very hard to get good contacts out of this event. Most of the important contacts we made during the congress were the condensation of many pre-event hours. Our approach to the identification of leads is very simple yet effective. We started scanning through the list of exhibitors at the congress and sending the first emails a few months before the congress. Then we followed-up with phone calls to close the meetings. The week right before the event we had almost every time slot full. Again, we have to thank ACCIO for organising a Brokerage networking event and for facilitating the meetings with representatives from the Government that were interested in our technology.

Final note

Attending as an exhibitor the Mobile World Congress is always an amazing experience, it will leave you exhausted but the feeling once the job is done and all the contacts are made is priceless. We’re happy with the level of the contacts made and we’re even more excited to see where will the post-event take our company. Also, a quick note to thank everyone who stopped by our stand and showed interest in our company products and services, we feel confident that this congress, and the many more to come, will help Sparsity move and grow into an interesting direction.



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