DEX 3.0 features: large char objects

This is the last feature we are posting on the blog for DEX 3.0. This time we are taking a look at the types allowed by graph databases for its objects.

String type only allows a maximum length of 2048 characters but you may need to create an attribute with more information than that. Take for instance a graph with academic articles, a typical attribute could be its abstract but it doesn’t fit in a string. In DEX 3.0 there’s a new type called TEXT that fits these attributes requirements with an unlimited number of characters capability. TEXT is managed as a stream instead of using the set and gets methods used in regular types, thus a channel is created to read and write iteratively until it is closed by the user.

Hope you find this new type useful. Do not forget to check latest posts in case you missed them: graph algorithms, regular expressions, neighbors materialized or indexed or not indexed attributes.

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