Daurum 5.0, services and online demo

We are proud to announce new Daurum 5.0 version of our software.

Daurum 5.0, the deduplication and integration tool is able to integrate data from multiple sources linking millions of records and identifying potential duplicated records.  A remarkable characteristic of this new version is its friendly web interface that allows concurrent access by multiple users.  With Daurum 5.0 users may have different roles sharing their data and, most important, dividing tasks between them.  Also, Daurum 5.0 allows users to create their own filters for data cleansing, using an integrated editor with preview options, or choose one from the list of the tested and most valuable default filters.

Daurum 5.0 is coming with new exciting possibilities. Now you can test our deduplication technology with an online demo, request our services, or buy a license of the software.

Daurum online service demo is a free service we offer through our website to take a first glimpse of the results that can be achieved with Daurum 5.0 services or software. Test one typical scenario for the client database and see how duplicates are detected. Please read through our description of the demo, and the comparative table between what you can actually find in Daurum that is not available in the demo service.

We hope that the online service demo becomes a useful evaluation tool in order to understand how deduplication works.

We offer Daurum 5.0 in a 2 brand new modalities:

If you need to clean your database of duplicated records, or if you have several databases to be merged assuring the best quality for the resulting database, consider hiring Daurum services.

Daurum services prices are tailored to your database size and cleansing needs, it is always the best option if you need one shot deduplication.

If you want your own copy of Daurum 5.0 for perpetual use, we would recommend one of our licenses.

With Daurum license, you will be able to deduplicate or merge databases as many times as you need. Create your own specific filters for the detection of duplicates, add your dictionaries and become the best expert in your database.

Also the license includes a professional installation support.

To see a little more about the potential of Daurum 5.0 services & software, with its complete functionalities, take a look at the following images:

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