DAMA-UPC project RECOMANA using DEX winner of BDigital congress prizes

We would like to congratulate DAMA-UPC that has just been awarded with the Bdgital congress prize in the category of Research institutes and Universities.

RECOMANA* uses the potential of graph databases with the high-performance and billions of objects storage offered by DEX to analyze different type of information from media content to school programs, in order to give a tool to the professionals of education to obtain better and specific information for teaching purposes.

The quantity of audiovisual content generated by media such as TV broadcasters and Radio stations is huge and forms a significant body of knowledge that spans many areas. However, this content is not available to the professionals of education in an efficient way. In other words, teachers have to devote a significant amount of their times to obtain videos or fragments of videos useful for their teaching purposes, without knowing whether they are accurate for their objective.

The final objective is to allow society have an asset and benefit from RECOMANA project, allowing teachers and students to access digital information to improve the contents of the topics in primary and secondary education.

BDigital congress new: http://www.bdigitalglobalcongress.com/lang-en/2011/zyncro-invoxcontact-recomana-and-webdom-enlight-winners-of-the-prizes-awarded-at-the-bdigital-global-congress/

RECOMANA project video (in catalan):  http://www.youtube.com/user/BarcelonaDigital#p/c/20/jar83ywfEf0

*RECOMANA in Catalan means recommend, suggest

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