BMAT uses DEX matching millions of music records

BMAT trusts Sparsity Technologies solutions to improve its matching engine so as to be able to identify, with the highest quality, all the music available worldwide.

BMAT listens, analyzes and processes more than 2000 radio and television broadcasters from around the world to generate precise music playlist information for every monitored channel. For BMAT, to have a duplicate-free, high-performance and reliable matching engine that is able to identify all the music in the world is key to providing a meaningful and trustworthy monitoring service for their clients.

Sparsity Technologies enables this by offering BMAT its Extreme Data solutions. Sparsity’s Graph Databases can manage and analyze billions of data points in real-time, providing an unprecedented level of performance as demonstrated in the best graph benchmarks in the Industry*.

Song titles, artists, collaborations, composers and all the metadata related with the music industry can be conveniently represented as a graph. BMAT uses DEX as the core for their matching engine where hundreds of millions of entities and relations are stored, indexed, processed and queried efficiently. BMAT includes music intrinsic characteristics (such as mood, tempo, rhythm, style, etc.) to each song to further improve the quality of the identifications.

Sparsity’s solutions are the only ones capable of this level of performance on commodity hardware. Traditional solutions, even modern Big Data solutions could just not cope with the complexity involved to support this level of analysis in near real-time, especially considering the combination of music metadata information and music characteristics.

Sparsity Technologies is proud to count with BMAT as a client of its Big Data solution DEX.

About BMAT

BMAT (Barcelona Music & Audio Technologies) was founded in February 2006 as a spin-off of MTG (Music Technology Group) of UPF (la Universitat Pompeu Fabra). MTG is the world-renowned research centre dedicated to developing audio and digital music technologies. From its headquarters in Barcelona, BMAT collaborates with more than 50 clients worldwide; clients include Samsung, Yamaha, Intel, Telefónica, EMI and Endemol. BMAT is also fastest-growing provider of music monitoring service of radios and televisions in the world, servicing more than 30 performing rights organizations and collecting societies globally.
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