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Graph Database Use Case: Fraud detection

Fraud and financial crimes are a form of theft or larceny that occur when a person or entity takes money or property for their own use, or uses them in an illicit manner for their personal benefit. These crimes typically … Continue reading

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How to install & configure Sparksee iOS (Objective-C)

Sparksee is the first graph database available for iOS devices applications, available since 5.1 in both an Objective-C and C++ interfaces. In this article we will guide through a typical installation & configuration for the Objective-C, so you can start working with Sparksee in your … Continue reading

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Twitter influence contest at GraphLab Conference 2014

To celebrate our participation in the GraphLab Conference 2014 we have decided to hold a contest and test our beta Social Networks analytics technology using the Sparksee graph database. If you want to prove your influence in the Social Media … Continue reading

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Sparsity Technologies at GraphLab Conference 2014

  We are glad to announce that Sparsity Technologies is attending the GraphLab Conference 2014, the 3rd edition of the largest trade-show of graph based systems that takes place in San Francisco on July 21st. Sparsity Technologies will be among … Continue reading

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Sparsity fuelled by research

Graph management and algorithmics are two of the hottest topics in top international data management conferences. As a by-product of some of the findings from those research topics, graph management technologies have flourished in the last 5 years. Sparksee (formerly … Continue reading

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Graph Databases power in-device analytical appplications: Sparksee Mobile, the first graph database available for iOS and Android

Mobile device data analytics is going to be an important issue in the next few years. Hardware improvements like more efficient batteries, larger memories and more conscious energy consumption will be crucial to allow for complex computations in such devices. Added … Continue reading

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Sparksee, the high performance graph database

Graph technologies are being used in many situations where it is necessary to analyze large amounts of highly linked data and high performance is required.  In many of those cases it is necessary to process data that will provide an … Continue reading

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BIBEX, by Sparsity Technologies, presented at Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)

Sparsity Technologies gives a talk about Bibex at the last Barcelona Biomedical Research Park seminar that takes place June 2010. For more information visit: BIBEX, high performance exploration for bibliographic databases Speakers: JOSEP LLUIS LARRIBA PEY (DAMA-UPC) / PERE BALETA … Continue reading

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BIBEX, by Sparsity Technologies, finalist at BDigital Global Congress

BIBEX, the high performance bibliographic exploration tool, developed and commercialized by DAMA-UPC and his spin-out Sparsity Technologies, is finalist at the 12h BDigital Global Congress in the small companies and entrepreneurs DIGITAL INNOVATION AWARDS category.

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Sparsity Technologies born as spin-out of UPC

Sparsity-Technologies (formally Sparsity, S.L.) is a new spin-out of the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) created on March 2010to commercialize and provide services based on the technologies developed at DAMA-UPC. The team of Sparsity Technologies is formed at DAMA-UPC and … Continue reading

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