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Management of mobile device data

** Note: This is a curated article published first at Quora by Sparsity’s CEO Mr. Larriba Pey ** The content stored in Mobile Devices (MD) grows as the users evolve in their tastes, the trends in applications change and the … Continue reading

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Sparksee’s seminar at BarcelonaTech

Sparsity will teach an introductory course to Sparksee for students at BarcelonaTech. The course is part of the Seminari d’empresa 2015 initiative that pretends to be a hub between IT companies and the university students so they can learn about … Continue reading

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How & when to use the recovery functionality

On this new edition of Sparksee’s how-to series, we would like to highlight the recovery functionality that will keep your database save at all times and it’s specially recommended for first-time users. Sparksee includes an automatic recovery manager which keeps … Continue reading

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Recap of the year and future outlook for 2015

Approaching the end of this 2014 we believe it’s a good time to look back and take stock of all that we have been working on and happened to Sparksee on this year. One of the most important hits for 2014 has … Continue reading

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SNA: How to predict the most viral users with Sparksee

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is one of those Use Cases that everyone mentions when talking about the strengths of graph databases. It’s not a secret that the network of people interacting together makes instantly a good image of a graph in … Continue reading

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Learning high-performance graph database management with Sparksee at the NoSQL matters Training Session

On Friday 21st of November from 9h to 13h Sparsity will host a Training Session as part of the NoSQL matters events. Skilled trainers from Sparksee will explain to the attendees how to take advantage of the graph learning about the most common queries … Continue reading

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Sparsity is attending NoSQL Matters 2014

We are glad to announce that Sparsity Technologies is attending NoSQL Matters Conference 2014 that takes place in Barcelona on November 21st and 22nd. The conference will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including new products, use-cases and field reports of day-to-day operations of NoSQL infrastructures. … Continue reading

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Scalable Community Detection on the Cloud: SCD made product

In our post Graph Databases research: Social community search we introduced the Scalable Community Detection (SCD) algorithm, born from the research work of the Sparksee team altogether with DAMA-UPC. The basic idea behind SCD is to search for the  number of transitive relations (triangles) and … Continue reading

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Sparksee 5.1 new release!

We are proud to announce today the official release of Sparksee 5.1. During this half of year we have been working in providing a group of exciting features for the new version that we hope you’ll find interesting:   A … Continue reading

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Graph Databases research: Social community search

We would like today to share an interesting article recently published at DZone’s portal about the research the Sparksee team altogether with DAMA-UPC is working on about social community search. Community search is a very important aspect of Social Network … Continue reading

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