Compile and run

To compile and run your Sparksee application you must take into account your development framework.


In the Installation chapter we have seen how to download and unpack the java package to get the sparkseejava.jar file. You need to include that jar in you development environment project.

If you don't use an IDE, you just need to add the sparkseejava.jar file to the classpath. So, you can compile and run the HelloSparksee application with these simple commands:

$ javac -cp sparkseejava.jar
$ java -cp sparkseejava.jar;. HelloSparksee 

With Maven

If you use Apache Maven, then it is even easier. Sparksee is in the maven central repository, adding the dependency to the correct Sparksee version into your "pom.xml" file should be enough:


With Android

The procedure to use Sparkseejava in Android is the same for Eclipse and Android Studio, but We have separated some steps to better explain the procedure in each environment.

Using Eclipse

Android Studio

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